Big Data system for Customer Service Team
members productivity and performance monitoring

About this project

Our client from IT Industry dealing with operations efficiency optimization wanted to improve productivity and monitoring of employees' performance in the service management platform for IT departments. The company was looking for a partner to create a big data platform for employee productivity monitoring with metrics and a dashboard.


Strategic Software R&D outsourcing


AI, ML, Big Data, GCP, Data Scientist, Big Query, Python, Jenkins, GiLab.

How we made it?

Our BigData specialists with knowledge of GCP (Big Query) were involved in this project. Based on the client’s requirements the team developed established software modules. BCF was primarily responsible for designing pipelines of large data sets using Big Query and Google Cloud Platform. The team designed advanced algorithms in Big Data processing, using machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze it. Our engineers have created different data processing pipelines for capturing different information.

Thanks to using Principal Component Analysis (PCA), the created system ensures efficient data processing and manipulation. The team has implemented the appropriate data streaming and prepared it for visualization for systems that monitor the performance of organizations, processes, and individual units.

What was the final effect?

In this project, an advanced CRM system was created to monitor all tickets and employee performance. The solution includes Big Data technologies, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to complex data processing and manipulation.

What are the benefits
for the client?

The system efficiently processes thousands of customer care tickets and other data and provides a clear visualization. Thanks to that, it is easier to follow the performance of individual employees, processes, and the whole organization and make reasonable business decisions. Our solution allows convenient productivity monitoring to streamline the enterprise.

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