May 23, 2023

Bright Coders' Factory. The beginning of 2022 as the creation of a group of entities


The year 2022 starts very well. At the beginning of the year, we created a group whose goal is to reach as many customers as possible and acquire talents not only on the Polish market. Currently, the activities of Bright Coders' Factory have been expanded to include BCF East Africa and BCF International.

The first of them is based in Nairobi and deals with acquiring developer talents from Kenia, where international giants focus their activities.
BCF International is based in London and recruits experts from West Africa. Thanks to both of these companies, we can provide our clients with experts with international design experience.

Another element of the group is Black Star Software - the goal is to find highly qualified experts on the Polish market for individual projects on a contractual basis. This gives great opportunities to find experts who are outstanding in their field, but do not want to be associated with any entities for longer and only care about attractive projects.

DDL is another element of the group that allows you to reach customers with specific requirements. It is mainly about database services, data lakes and data migration and security. It is a bigger niche where there is a shortage of companies operating comprehensively.
The last company that is part of the group is Stedynamics. A company that serves customers from all over the world, focusing on acquiring and outsourcing entire teams of specialists creating products. Here, too, we offer workshops that encourage clients to better define their design needs.
Thanks to all these entities, we can successfully develop on the global IT market and offer even more personalized solutions to our clients.