December 11, 2023

ChatGPT - it's been 1 whole year!


With November having passed by quicker than we all might have anticipated, a very important milestone had also peaked - ChatGPT had turned 1 year old!

And what a journey it has been – the worldwide access to this tool has shaken not only the technological world. It’s been aiding people in various industries with whatever the generative AI could assisted them in – from help writing academical articles, providing with ready to use bits of necessary code to generating imagery that one could not find online – ChatGPT had it all covered. Safe to say, almost anyone with a bit of technological acumen had given in to try it.

ChatGPT was launched a year ago, on 30th November 2022, and if there ever were a right time to use the Pandora’s box metaphor, this is surely it. Powered by a large language model trained on 570 gigabytes of internet data (300 billion words), the chatbot can generate text that eerily mimics human speech – yet holding far more information than an actual person – think of the movie scene with Lelloo from “5th Element” sitting at the computer, learning and absorbing all knowledge to ever existed on the internet like a sponge.

And here are some of the various uses that the ChatGPT, either 3.5 or 4, can offer in the field of IT:

1. Customer Support: a generative AI bot system can assist in providing automated responses for customer inquiries and troubleshooting technical issues. It can offer real-time support, answer FAQs, and help users navigate through most common problems. Given that the customer will adhere to some rules of as to what and how to phrase the questions. Essentially, it may be used as a FAQ Chatbot. Creating a chatbot using Chat GPT allows users to ask questions and receive answers based on a predefined knowledge base. It can efficiently handle routine inquiries, freeing up human support agents to focus on more complex issues.


2. Conversational Interfaces: Chat GPT can be integrated into applications and websites to provide conversational interfaces. It enables users to interact naturally, ask questions and receive accurate information or perform specific actions.


3. Code Documentation: Developers can take advantage of Chat GPT to document their code and assist in finding code examples, explanations and API references. It helps in creating comprehensive and user-friendly code documentation – since ChatGPT learns with every use after a whole year of feedback it had generated its own database of most commonly used, copied and asked for bits of code.


4. Natural Language Processing (NLP) Applications: Chat GPT can power NLP applications like sentiment analysis, language translation, text classification and entity recognition. It enables analyzing and understanding natural language input for various use cases – but as much as it can imitate and deliver chunks of well written text, there is always a bit of area to polish up and correct. Even after a year, this technology had not learned it all from the human use of it and there could easily be a list put together with the chats most common faux pas words – which also make it easy to notice its ‘ work’ online.


5. Training Aid for IT Professionals: Chat GPT can assist IT professionals in training scenarios by answering questions, providing explanations and offering guidance on various IT topics like system administration, network troubleshooting, programming, and more. However the pro version, ChatGPT 4 is far more insightful than its previous and free older brother, hence it’s a more adequate choice if one searches for most up-to-date resolutions.


6. Automated Code Generation: Developers can utilize Chat GPT to generate code snippets based on user requirements or specifications. It can assist in automating repetitive coding tasks and aid in rapid prototyping or generating boilerplate code. And as unorthodox this may sound – a good code that lingers in the realm of chat’s AI flow will benefit hundreds if not thousands of developers worldwide up on each others account – so a good code is at the end of the day just good work of collective community that inputs, accepts and then uses it.


These are just a few examples and the potential applications of Chat GPT in IT are . Its flexibility, language understanding capabilities and versatility make it a valuable tool for automating tasks and replacing the good ol’ search engines. On the other hand, it not omnipotent nor without a flaw – even if its results may visually appeal and seem academic it’s crucial to double check with reliable sources if the results are at all correct.

And to wrap up: Sam Altman, CEO of ChatGPTs maker, OpenAI had signed an open letter, in which he stated and warns that unregulated AI could be THE asteroid that wipes out humanity. As grotesque as these words sound, it might be wise to take these words with a pinch of salt as ChatGPT continuously ranks as the fastest-growing app in history. Whilst the predictions about AI are purely hypothetical, it is only to state the obvious that it truly had real-world consequences only its 1st year.