February 6, 2024

First job in IT - how to get to it?


You’re looking for your first job in IT ! Sounds exciting. The technology market offers amazing opportunities but breaking the Glassdoor can sometimes be really challenging. However, it’s crucial to stay positive and motivated, even when you can’t find your first IT job from the jump.  No matter if you are trying to be a junior java developer or you’re really into .NET, here are some practical tips that might help you in breaking out into the IT work life . 

  1. Junior .NET developer, junior Java developer or C#? Understand your skills and specialize! 

Before sending out your resumes, you need to assess your situation and skills that you possess. If you’ve graduated or are currently in University, completed some courses or have done any IT projects - list what you have learned. And remember, soft skills are just as important! You can learn certain technical abilities on the job, but soft skills(link do bloga) are cultivated through experience, personal development and interpersonal interactions and take some time  to learn too. 

  1. Software engineering Internships can help you jumpstart your IT career.

Being an IT intern offers a unique and invaluable experience for those aspiring to secure their first job in the industry. Many software houses or software engineering companies offer internships for people just entering the market after Universities or courses. Also, before starting your internship, many companies offer a throughout training, which helps you to gain new skills. You can look for internships online or even on Universities’ websites, as many of them cooperate with big IT companies. Universities provide talent, and companies provide practical trainings for students - sounds like a good deal right? BCF is also collaborating with Universities, so we speak from experience!

  1. Networking can be the key in securing your first IT job.

When you hear networking, you might instantly think about LinkedIn. Maybe your fellow students or professors told you to cold-message every HR representative and engineering Manager that you can find. It might be tiring, but in many cases it actually works. People really appreciate the courage and the worst thing that may happen is being rejected and the best? A shortened pipeline into your first IT job. In the post-pandemic times most of the market meet-ups are back. Try to visit them and show yourself to the world. A quick conversation with company representatives can get you  t remembered, and leave a good impression! 

  1. IT job offers for juniors and how to find them.

That one might seem obvious, but nuances might help widen your scope. Besides looking at usual job finding sites, you can intern and network, but what also can be helpful is scouring websites of companies that you are interested in. Many companies share job offers on their websites, which often are offers that are not on the job listing sites. You can also send them your CV and when a vacancy matching your skills is opened, you will be already in their database.

We know that breaking the glass door can sometimes seem like a mission impossible but keep your head up, because it will happen! And once it happens, you can get prepared for your first interview and technical interview here and here. And of course, last but not least -message us and our HR representatives, we are always looking for new, great talent!