September 9, 2023

8 practical tips you must know before choosing a software company 


With the growing number of IT companies offering their services, it is becoming increasingly difficult to make the right choice. In this article, we have outlined the key points to consider when choosing a Software House.

1. Determine your needs

The first step towards choosing the right software company is to clearly define your needs and project goals. 

Determine what kind of services you need: web and mobile application development, software development or other IT solutions. Also concretize what functionalities and requirements your future products should have.

If you find it hard to do it yourself, most software companies are ready to help you understand this issue free of charge. Fill out the form on the website and the right specialists will contact you.

2. Experience and expertise

Research the experience of companies similar to your request. Look through portfolios, read specific cases in your field or in similar technologies. The more diverse the company's experience is (like at BCF, where we have worked with clients from more than 15 industries), the more flexible and open conditions it can offer you.

3. Customer reviews. 

This will help you assess how well the company is doing and fitting your requirements. 

But how can you verify that these reviews are genuine? 

 - Be careful and pay attention to the company and the specific details that are written under the review. Does such a company actually exist? Does the person who signed under the review work for this company?

You can find this information on LinkedIn or on the company's website.

- You can also ask the software company to provide contact details of selected customers to check the quality of cooperation with them (if it is not prohibited by NDA). Ask how their cooperation went and get more details about the software company's approach. Also, be sure to ask whether the final product met their requirements.

- You can also find more information on review websites such as These sites have reviews of leading IT companies where service providers are rated based on recommendations and testimonials, clients, experience and market presence.

4. Technology stack and competencies

Make sure that software company has the necessary technical skills and competencies to implement your project. Consider what technologies and programming languages they are proficient in and how well they match your needs. For example at BCF we have prepared a sub-page for each technology domain.

Keep in mind that good software companies achieve transparency and use widely available and proven open source solutions.

5. Development process and communication

Transparency and efficiency of the development process are crucial when choosing software company. Find out how the company organizes its work, what development methodologies are used. Also, pay attention to communication: how quickly and efficiently they answer your questions, and how well they understand your needs.

At Bright Coders' Factory, it will take about 48 hours to offer customization and an established team of specialists being ready for the project.

Once you have selected a few software companies that meet your requirements, request a sample formal agreement. If you already have a specification and want to protect yourself from the use of your know-how, ask for a sample non-disclosure agreement (NDA). This is also a kind of test - every reliable software company will sign such a document.

6. Quality and security

Find out what testing practices are used to ensure quality, as well as how the security of your data and the product as a whole is ensured.

One guarantee of security can be international ISO certification. To guarantee transparency and reliability, a company undergoes a full audit, after which it is granted (or not) certification. We wrote more about this here.

7. Budget and timing

It is equally important to understand what terms of cooperation the Software House offers. Find out about the cost of services, planned development timeframes and possible additional costs. 

What about the income?

You should know that they usually depend on the country in which the company is located, as well as the experience of the company. For example, in Poland, salaries are lower than in Western Europe or the USA, but the quality of products created by software companies is one of the highest in the world. In addition, the corporate culture here is similar to Western countries and there are no problems with time zones. All this makes Poland one of the best places for software outsourcing.

Compare offers of different companies and choose the option that fits your budget expectations and time frame. Think long-term. For a good result.

8. Client Support

Once the project is completed, it is important to have reliable customer support. 

Clarify what services are provided after the product launch, what measures are taken to keep the product running and relevant.


Choosing the right software company is a responsible process and should be seen as an investment in the future success of your project. 

Pay attention to experience, technical competencies, development process, quality and security, and terms of cooperation. Careful analysis and selection will help you find the ideal partner for your IT projects.