May 23, 2023

New Roche campus opening in Ludwigsburg


Taking care of long-term relations with partners is a priority in our company. It was difficult because of the pandemic, but we can finally meet face-to-face. Our CEO Wieslaw and Business Unit Head Slawomir had the opportunity to visit our client from the medical branch. The occasion was the opening of the new campus in Ludwigsburg. "After so many months of remote work and online meetings, we're so excited to finally be able to put on our suites and meet live." - said BCF CEO  Wieslaw Blysz. 

For more than ten years, Roche has had three locations of Waiblingen, Kornwestheim, and Remseck-Aldingen. Finally, they are under one roof now in the inaugural ceremony attended by around 80 guests from the world of business and politics. BCF was invited as a key software development partner. Our top management was among the first who visited the new office and production center. They could admire modern solutions on campus and enjoyed spending time with important business partners.