May 23, 2023

State Machine - Design Pattern vs reality...


… this was the title of a presentation performed by our bright coder - Marcin Bator, a .NET software engineer who likes to make life easier using modern technology.  During the meeting, Marcin talked about what finite automata are and showed us some simple and more complicated examples that are present in our everyday life.  Marcin became interested in state machines as he was looking for the best way to manage a fairly complex business process guaranteed to change as the application evolved.

"My initial instinct was to use the State Design pattern. Unfortunately, its standard implementation wasn't the best solution for my needs, so I started researching a better way. When I finally had proof of concept, I settled down on a modified implementation of the State design pattern. It was easy to understand, code, expand and test - everything a programmer needs."- Marcin said. We appreciate his commitment to sharing his experience and knowledge with the BCF team.

Thanks to Marcin, we all know that finite state machines should not be scary and standard implementations of State Design patterns can be modified to help solve even more problems. We thank Marcin for the presentation and can't wait for the next meeting with our bright coders. We love to hear about your exciting discoveries and learn together about the best solutions in IT!