Vehicle fleet management system
for a company with a global network
of car repair shops

About this project

A client in the automotive industry wanted to provide a convenient system for managing a fleet of cars. The goal was to create an application that would allow handling the cars in the fleet, calculate the price of services and find the optimal car repair shop.


Strategic Software R&D outsourcing


Java (17), Elasticsearch, Hibernate, Spring Data, Spring, Camunda, Kibana, Java, Oracle, AWS, BitBucket, Jira.

How we made it?

This project engaged BCF back-end developers. Our task was to develop an application for fleet management based on an existing service for individual customers. The system we created has an architecture based on microservices. We provided connectivity of the application with a proxy, which connects to an external solution provider.

Our team ensured integration with a new service price calculation provider. We designed different types of users and determined the range of functionality available to them. BCF programmers created a module for notifications when the car needs to be serviced or inspected. The team ensured also a possibility for direct communication between the fleet management customer and the car repair shop.

Our specialists were also responsible for supporting entry into new markets and adapting the site to different languages. We were also responsible for security.

What was the final effect?

We delivered web and mobile applications for car fleet owners and mechanics. The system ensures the possibility of easy fleet management, calculating service costs, and facilitating planning control checkouts in the repair shop.

What are the benefits
for the client?

The high quality of the system and the correct conduct of the project ensure the stable and effective operation of the application. A notification system provides easy management of a large fleet. The service facilitates contact between car service customers and mechanics.

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