Application for data reading and
automatic control of water pumps

About this project

Our client from the hydroengineering industry wanted to facilitate the handling of water pumps. The goal was to ensure easy and convenient application for data reading and automatic control of different models of water pumps.


Strategic Software R&D outsourcing


Angular 13+, TS, HTML, SCSS, Angular, Java, Type Script, Java Script, BE:JAVA, FE:Angular, BE: Spring Boot, PostgreSQL, Azure, AWS, BitBucket.

How we made it?

Our front-end specialists with experience in creating web and mobile applications took care of this project. The team gets familiar with existing solution and clients' requirements for a new application. Based on the specifications, we developed the application for the client’s employees and water pump users. The team ensured integration with modems built into the pumps and efficient transfer of data from the pump sensors.

The app allows users to accurately locate the pump in the field, check its status, and operate it remotely. We provided access to data from sensors in the pump monitoring, for example, temperature, pressure level, fuel level, battery level, oil pressure, flow, soot level, water intake pressure, and water sending pressure, occupancy. The system contains a screen with alarms, where the user can choose at which parameters he will be alerted. The application is connected to the water pump database and equipped with modules for managing locations and users.

We prepared roles and permissions for various users of the application both on the pump manufacturer's side and their end users. Our engineers created a new design of all displays and functionalities of the app to assure better UX.

What was the final effect?

In this project, we created web and mobile applications to manage water pumps by the producer and its final users. Customers can choose different service plans that allow diverse functions, like pump control, alarm call to a predefined phone number, and sending data via satellite (from a location without mobile network coverage). The manufacturer has access to all water pumps and can serve remote help for clients.

What are the benefits
for the client?

Our team ensured better performance and user-friendly design of the application. Thanks to using JavaScript, the app is better adapted to different devices and is easy to maintain. The complex solution ensures remote monitoring and control for water pumps users and the manufacturer. Thanks to customized alarms pumps are less prone to failure.

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