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Sales platform that connects suppliers of construction materials, professionals and customers interested in construction works

About this project

Our client from the construction industry desires to facilitate contact between suppliers of construction materials, professionals, and customers interested in construction works. To realize this goal they created a modern application to manage, process, and track retail-based home improvement projects. The project in which we were taking part was aimed to maintain and expand an existing system. The challenge was to create the functionalities that retailers, contractors, manufacturers, and customers need to make their job more efficient and easy.


Dedicated Software Development Teams


.NET Core, C#, JavaScript, T-SQL, ASP.NET Core Web API, MS SQL, Azure, Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins, GitLab.

How we made it?

In this project, Our C# programmers became a part of a large system organization. According to the prepared requirements, the specialist created new features for the platform. BCF was responsible among other things, for automated communication between clients and partners through REST API.

The team has also worked on the extension of the functionality of price estimation and the course of renovation works. One of the tasks was the optimization of the architecture of the system.

What was the final effect?

The platform enables customers, constructors, retailers, and manufacturers to cooperate in home improvement projects. According to the requirements we created new features in the application. Now the system includes project management, creating estimates, transaction processing, and reporting.

What are the benefits
for the client?

The created system accelerates and facilitates contact between different participants in the construction market. The platform ensures access to many functionalities in just one tool, which is very comfortable, especially for professionals in this sector.

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