Communication platform for Scientists,
for educational information exchange

About this project

Our client dealing with education in Africa wanted to facilitate professional experience exchange and enable building academic teachers' network. The goal was to create a platform for sharing information and communicating.


Dedicated Software Development Teams


PHP, HTML, CSS, JQuery, SQL (WordPress), AWS, Jenkins, GitLab.

How we made it?

BCF team created PoC and then continued developing the product, adding different features. Our specialists were responsible for the design and implementation of the architecture of a platform to share information. We've built an admin system and created roles and responsibilities, customized views based on roles, responsibilities, and types of scientists.

The team developed a content management system for post triggers and discussion moderation. The created system ensured secure group and private communication channels in form of a wall per subject. Our engineers prepared the concept, specification, and implementation of the user interface, login page, and pages for the system.

What was the final effect?

In this project, we created a communication platform for scientists, for educational information exchange. Our solution enables building professional networks, sharing experiences, and creating relationships.

What are the benefits
for the client?

The created platform allows us to quickly reach many people in real-time with information about African education. With the ability to exchange experiences and share expertise with teachers, the level of education can grow faster. Thanks to intelligent content monitoring, messages are well-matched to users' preferences.

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