Platform used to collect and
maintain information about
airline passangers

About this project

A government organization wanted to improve many countries' borders' safety. Our goal was to implement parts of central system for screening people crossing borders.


Strategic Software R&D outsourcing


Apache Kafka, Apache Flink, Spring Boot, Protobuff/gRPC, JAVA 11, Goovy, Spock Framework, Spring Boot, Kafka, Flink, elastic search, RODB, Postgres, OpenShift, GitHub, GitLab, Jenkins, Helm, JDK11, Git.

How we made it?

BCF software engineers and testers became a part of the client’s project team. Our specialists based on given requirements prepare the architecture of the system and implemented established features. We integrated the core system with separated subsystems. The created solution connects, among others with a biometric database and visa system. The developed platform integrates all information related to a specific person. Our teams assured fast operation of the system and stable performance. The system can send alerts about offenses to police and border services. We took care also of solution quality by doing unit tests and integration tests. Our testers designed, executed, and reviewed test plans and test cases in qTest. BCF was responsible for functional testing, integration testing, black-box testing, and manual and automated testing in SoapUI. Our engineers ( software developers and Quality assurance specialists) dealt also with the maintenance of the system, bug fixing, and implementing improvements.

What was the final effect?

In this project, we create a central border control system for a group of countries. The solution with a distributed architecture will be used by border services in airports and other places of monitoring people crossing borders. The new solution will be compatible with existing border guard terminals.

What are the benefits
for the client?

The unified core platform assures fast and automated access to data stored in other connected subsystems. We assured great performance and high quality and security of the system. The solution helps identify criminals and assures security for traveling people.

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