Public Administration

Development of complex system
for citizens of the big polish city

About this project

The client from the public sector wanted to enable citizens of one of the biggest cities in Poland to conveniently enjoy city benefits (zoo, theaters, etc). They were looking for a partner to expand the system with new functionalities and integrate it with various systems.


Dedicated Software Development Teams


React, React Native (Android, IOS), REST API, Java, EJB, TJ, http, SSH.

How we made it?

Our team of specialists in the back-end, front- end and integrations dealt with this project. We have familiarized ourselves with the existing web and mobile applications. Our first goal was to provide a properly functioning REST API for integration purposes with partners. That enabled the connection of status in the city application with clients buying tickets in another system. Our team modified the current functionalities according to the provided specifications. In the mobile application for residents, we took care of new user registration and login, as well as password recovery and change.

We also changed the management of taxpayer status and its activation and renewal. We made it possible to manage a resident's card and to link and manage a child's account. In the partner application, we worked on verification of the citizen and insight into the taxpayer status of the resident. Whereas, in the partner's web panel, we enabled discounts/coupons for active taxpayer status and activation of taxpayer status for a given Resident. In the admin (web) panel, we made changes to the "Residents" tab and expanded the Resident data form.

Our team worked on the taxpayer status view and the ability to reject a taxpayer status request. We also dealt with status changes, expanded the options available to administrators, and created new email notifications.

What was the final effect?

In this project, we implemented all required changes in Android and IOS applications and web panels for partners and admins. Our team integrated the system with new platforms and ensured the effective administration of the whole solution.

What are the benefits
for the client?

Thanks to our work the client has modern and intuitive web and mobile applications with a convenient administration panel. The citizens can easily use Android or IOS apps to enjoy benefits and buy tickets.

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