Next Generation Call Center platform

About this project

Our client dealing with customer care wanted to streamline communication between call center employees and end customers. The challenge was to develop a modern call center system and integrate it with social media platforms.


Dedicated Software Development Teams


.Net, C#, SQL, React.js, Java Script, MySQL, Azure, Azure DevOps, TerraForm, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins.

How we made it?

Our team of specialists with experience in the database, AI &ML, and app integration dealt with this project. To begin with, we familiarized ourselves with the existing architecture. BCF helped to specify, design, and implement new features. Our team rewrote the application from Visual Basic to C#. Then we added additional communication channels. Our specialists implemented an application running inside MS Teams. BCF also created services for assigning customers to service workers on the basis of defined business rules. Our team took care of the development of the client's existing infrastructure in order to modernize and improve current business solutions. We also optimized the speed of the existing infrastructure.

What was the final effect?

In this project, we improved an existing solution using modern and effective technologies. We enabled the redirection of customer calls, messages, and questions toward a single destination system. Designed unique analytics and AI&ML algorithms to ensure smart traffic connection handling. Thanks to our work, a convenient mechanism for handling conversations with the use of various social media channels was created. The platform include also advanced reporting and analysis tools equipped with AI/ML.

What are the benefits
for the client?

The system supports companies with the challenges of handling many sources of customer communication. Upgrading the older solutions to the next-generation call center system increased the security, performance, and overall quality of the solution. Adding new functionality expands the system's range of capabilities.

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