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About this project

A client from the logistics industry was looking for help in creating a platform to help in the administration of public transport. Our goal was to create a central system for managing public transportation in the form of an application for mobile and desktop. Our challenge was to provide high system performance with many simultaneous users and real-time operations.


Strategic Software R&D outsourcing


GitLab, AWS, C++, Android, QT 5, QML, Google Test, Google Mock, Java, VOIP, SQL.

How we made it?

The project was handled by a team of specialists in Android application development using C++, QML, and QT. The unique combination of technologies was tailored to the existing equipment and requirements. The basis was to create a network for the new application. According to the requirements, we developed new functions such as navigation on defined routes, driver sobriety testing, and a passenger information system. At each stage, we tested the correctness of the operation and implemented improvements. Thanks to comprehensive testing, we were able to remove emerging bugs and ultimately deliver a highly efficient system. Our team has also taken care of automatic GUI testing.

What was the final effect?

We delivered a platform to administrate, maintain and update public transport in cities. The application works the same on the phone and computer with Linux. Our solution enables communication between central, drivers, and passengers. The system is synchronized with the rest of the equipment on the bus to provide correct communication with passengers including text and voice messages like stop, course, line number, etc. The control panel can modify the route in real-time, so even in unusual situations it still gives correct and useful information for drivers and passengers.

What are the benefits
for the client?

The system can be connected with some hardware like sensors in a bus or breathalyzer. The architecture of the solutions ensures the possibility of adding new functions. The use of the C++ language ensures the speed of the system. The platform enhances security with features such as an automated ignition interlock when the breathalyzer detects that the driver is intoxicated. Our audio-visual passenger information system facilitates the use of public transportation.

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